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 As should be obvious the only hope we can have for long term habitation and colonization is under ground bases and mining operations which happily would co-exist perfectly as the mining operations would dig out and excavate all of the under ground materials to be used  for production efforts, and the holes created can be reinforced and turned into worthwhile and safe habitat spaces for humans to live and work on the moon without excessive radiation exposure, and with the moon being so close it would be possible for all lunar workers to cycle in year long work shifts back and forth to the Earth and moon, transporting the valuable spoils of the mining operations at the same time.

To maintain a lunar colony,  we obviously will need agriculture and extremely effective systems to recycle all water and organic materials in a healthy state.  Luckily for us at this time, NASA has great experience growing food in space in near zero or very low gravity conditions and have proven it can be done and we can have every expectation of being able to repeat this in any underground lunar base.

  This is where all modern action for we humans alive today is going to be at, as once the Empirical Church has fullfilled it's mandate of ending homelessness within the USA, it's next function is to expand to other nations, and to begin the next OPERATION, which will be OPERATION MOON, and the first step is to develop more effective and safer launch systems to allow for constant transport and travel of humans and materials to and from the Lunar surface.

    At this time, we will be collecting data and proposals and working as we are able to test and compare these potential systems for safety and potential flaws.   Suggestions and proposals will be listed here as they are collected ---    PROPOSAL PLANNING