operation moon lab




 As should be clear, this is an open source global effort and all input and help is of course wanted and in fact needed, and there is no room for selfishness or greed or personal contests of awesomeness in any of these efforts to ensure the survival of our species...   the fact is, we must set up not only space bases but several moon bases simply to safe guard our species survival.


   The images as shown bellow serve as just the beginning of considerations for lift systems to make possible our continued and affordable use of space, the building of low orbit bases and the sending of vast amounts of materials to the moon to build our future bases.


launcher three rocket
launcher one blimp
launcher two balloon

  The use of balloon system is problematic to be sure based on the use of hydrogen gas in the balloons, however it would be possible to use these gases as fuel in various ways or otherwise the gas volume can be reduced as propulsion is engaged and the balloons rolled up as just another resource to be sent to orbital bases and the moon.

   The main point behind these initial proposals is based on getting to space as easily and as cheaply as possible such as by massive balloon systems and also taking everything with us into space to make re-use of in orbit and on the moon.